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Hot Peach Pages Hot Peach Pages (World-Wide References): Abuse hotlines, shelters, refuges, crisis centers and women's organizations, plus domestic violence resources in over 80 languages:

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence NCADV
Anonymous and Confidential Help
24-Hour Hotline: 1 (800) 799.SAFE (7233) or 1 (800) 787.3224 (TTY)

WA ST DV HOTLINE: 1 (800) 562-6025 Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Purple Reign Campaign


Seattle PoliceSeattle Police Department Domestic Violence Unit: Seattle Police Department Victim Support Team
(206) 684.0330 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm (206) 684.7721 (voicemail)

Northwest Family LifeNW FAMILY LIFE
Non-profit learning and counseling center in Seattle
1 (866) 4CRISIS (4747)
DAWNDAWN: Domestic Abuse Women's Network 
King County Shelter and resource center
24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (425) 656-7867      

New Beginnings

New Beginnings
 24-Hour Hotline: (206) 522.9472

Lifewire - Eastside Domestic Violence Program EDVP
24-Hour Crisis Line: (425) 746.1940

Topics & Links on this Website:


What is Domestic Abuse/Violence?

The Cycle of Abuse

Power & Control in Domestic Violence

Teen Dating Violence

How to Intervene when someone you suspect is in an abusive relationship

Why are some victims afraid to leave?

What are some of the warning signs of domestic violence?

What does a Healthy Relationship look like?

Safety Plan for someone in an abusive relationship provided by the National Domestic Violence Hotline

The Purple Reign Campaign Blog

How to get involved in the campaign against domestic abuse

Phoenix Jones Comic Contest - Everyday Day Heroes Against Domestic Abuse

Events: Attend The Healing Reign Music Benefit & Auction featuring the musical talents of Ghost Town Riot and Quickie (past event, stay tuned for future events)

 Donate to give resources to victims of domestic violence 

Purple Reign Pic BadgeDisplay a Purple Reign Logo from PicBadge to demonstrate your pledge to always love and respect your partner and to take a public stand against domestic violence.

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Phoenix Jones Ustream Channel purple reign campaign everyday heroes against domestic abuse online daily paper Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse - Purpl Reign Campaign online daily paper 



The Purple Reign Campaign in the Media

A Guide to Visitors: Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign The early days of crime fighting, a superhero love story 


KISW 99 BJ Shea Geek Nation Purple Reign Campaign

BJ Shea's Geek Nation KISW 99.9 The Rock talks with Purple Reign about her crime fighting efforts with husband Phoenix Jones and The Rain City Superhero Movement along with her campaign against domestic violence.


Seattle PI: Purple Reign Campaign


Seattle PI: Meet Seattle's Female Superhero - Purple Reign by David Nelson 


Comic Booked Purple Reign, Phoenix Jones, Rainn Wilson fight domestic violence

Comic Booked: Seattle Superheroes team up with Rainn Wilson to fight Domestic ViolencePhoenix Jones Purple Reign Campaign Rainn Wilson

East Portland Blog - Superheroes Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign Unite w/ Seattle band Quickie to Fight Domestic Violence in The Purple Reign Campaign

Purple Reign Campaign Phoenix Jones Quickie

Purple Reign Phoenix Jones Seattle Superheroes New Day NW King 5

King 5 New Day NW: Seattle Superheroes Purple Reign and Phoenix Jones (Follow link to watch them on the show)

Phoenix Jones Purple Reign Seattle Superheroes on King 5 New Day NW


Heroes in the Night by Tea Krulos: Hero Profile ~ Purple Reign

Heroes in the Night by Tea Krulos: The Purple Reign Campaign Continues


Family Law Office of Molly B Kenny Blog: Seattle's Female Superhero Fights Against Domestic Violence

Seattle PI: Purple Reign Campaign

Seattle PI: VIDEO: Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign, & Rain City Superheroes Stop Men Posing as Cops from Robbing Blind Man during their Kitty Genovese Patrol by David Nelson

Purple Reign, Rainn Wilson, Phoenix JonesRainn Wilson aka Crimson Bolt aka Dwight from the hit show The Office presents a video message showing his support of the Purple Reign Campaign and Phoenix Jones.

Purple Reign UW Women's Center Woman of Courage

Phoenix Jones Purple Reign Seattle Times Sketcher

Seattle Times: Behind the Mask: A Man with a Mission - Seattle Sketcher, Gabriel Campanario

Seattle Times Sketcher: Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign


NW Music Scene: Purple Reign Campaign

Northwest Music Scene: Seattle Superhero turned into comic book hero - Video & comic book (art by Travis Bundy), Healing Reign Music Benefit release

Purple Reign Campaign Comic by Travis Bundy

Creator's Edge Press: Phoenix Jones Music Video - Purple's unmasking in the debut video



Belltown PI: Purple Reign Campaign

Belltown PI: Belltown Businesses Support Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign's Fight Against Domestic Violence by David Nelson 


Komo News Purple Reign Campaign Healing Reign in Fremont

Komo News: Local hero brings Healing Reign to Fremont 

Bleeding Cool: Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign, & Dwight Shrute Against Domestic Violence


Bleeding Cool: Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign, & Dwight Shrute Against Domestic Violence

Metro News: Overcoming Abuse, Purple Reign Was Born by Nadia FezzaniMetro News: Overcoming Abuse, Purple Reign Was Born by Nadia Fezzani

Metro News: VIDEO Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign with Pure Evil by Nadia Fezzani (Click for Video)

Video: Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign with Pure Evil


Kaleb Draws: Real Life Comic Book Heroes! 

Kaleb Draws: Real Life Comic Book Heroes!

Examiner: Fan Conventions - GeekGirlCon Celebrates Women in Geek Culture, Aug 11-12 2012


Examiner: Fan Conventions - GeekGirlCon Celebrates Women in Geek Culture, Aug 11-12 2012 


Wizard World & The RLSH Project (Real Life Superheroes): Purple Reign Video Interview 

Dr. Drew's Life Changers: Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign, & Thanatos appear as guests on Dr. Drew's Life Changers (4 Video Clips)

He was stabbed while fighting crime...then went on a date?!

Dr. Drew tests out some superhero gear

Superheroes saved his life

After the Show: Meet the Real Life Superheroes

Purple Reign on patrol in Seattle, WA