T-Shirts to Raise Awareness & Funds

T-shirts promoting The Purple Reign Campaign ~ 'Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse' are finally available for purchase!  


All proceeds benefit NW Family Life, a local non-profit organization that has been helping victims of domestic violence for almost 20 years. 1 out of every 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime - this could be your mom, brother, sister, cousin, close friends or other loved ones...anyone can be a victim!!  

These are the only official Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign, and Rain City Superhero Movement merchandise out on the market. When you order a Purple Reign Campaign or Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign 'Everyday Heroes' T-shirt you will help make a difference in the life of someone who has been abused, please follow this link!















Phoenix and Purple rocking their t-shirts before hitting the streets of Seattle for patrol.




Phoenix Jones Purple Reign Rain City Superheroes Seattle












Image by Luke Molver, winner of the Phoenix Jones Everyday Heroes comic contest







Also downloads of the Phoenix Jones song by Quickie! are availble now too.  This download was created to support The Purple Reign Campaign and raise awareness about domestic violence. Quickie will be donating a portion of every Phoenix Jones download to the campaign

Phoenix Jones song by Quickie for the Purple Reign Campaign


If there are other Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign, or Rain City Superhero Movement items you would like to see for sale please let us know! We do not personally gain from these sales in any way, accept for the joy in our hearts when we see people making a difference in the lives of others!  Some suggested items so far have been buttons, arm bands, hats, and hoodies. Let us know your thoughts so we can continue in this fight against domestic violence! 


I love the shirts! I'd love to see some sweatshirt options, jewelry with the PR logo, buttons, and a few less expensive items.

We are working on that! I'll try and update with some new items soon. Also, Phoenix Jones T-shirts are available now too! http://www.purplereigncampaign.org/content/phoenix-jones-t-shirts

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