A Superhero Love Story - Video Message from Phoenix & Purple

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign ~ Crime Fighting Partners, on the Streets...and in Life



Phoenix Jones and I shared our story on February 21, 2012 at A Guide to Visitors. I talk about getting out of an abusive relationship, he shares some of his earlier (more comedic) crime fighting stories, and then we talk about how we met and fell in love... our lives are one big adventure as we fight crime on the streets of Seattle and raise funds and resources for victims who are still suffering from abuse.

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign (Photo by David Ngo)


It's so BEAUTIFUL to see you TOGETHER. There was a very moving moment, when PURPLE's voice trembled, explaining her life-threatening experience. PHOENIX noticed it and came closer. Then I just could not help but giggle and laugh, as he explained his odd and funny crime fighting at the start. The day he got stabbed... and theday you had your first date.... There are countless more adventures in store for you! You two are ONE. You're REAL twin-flames that rock and will by all ways and means change the world and lifes of many to the better by all your wholehearted and compassionate deeds. That's what couples like you are here for.... And beside all that... You are chosen friends that become my family. I always will support, love and be proud of YOU!

Thank you Mary! We have so many fun stories...and sometimes scary ones from chaotic patrol nights. We get through it all by relying and trusting in each other.

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You two are great. I will have to scan and share with the happy anniversary card I gave my wife our first year together, it shows a super hero couple on the front, and has defined our relationship for the past 13 years. Did you two see the recent Harry's Law episode featuring the Wonder Woman vigilante? It was a great story.

I would love to see this card! If you do have it online, please send to us at purplereignseattle@gmail.com. I don't believe we have seen this episode you are talking about...it seems real life superheroes are popping up in television all the time now. I'll have to look it up!

You two are adorable! Love both of your stories, a bittersweet mix of tragedy, trial and error, and triumph over evil!

Katie, that is more true than you realize! Our lives have been full of all kinds of trials and roller-coasters. Together though, we are getting through them all ♥

You guys are like my new favorite superheroes, but in real life! Partners in life AND crime fighting?! It's almost too good to be true, gives me hope!!

Note to self: buy some super glue and keep it in my purse with the rest of my goodies. !!! Great video.

haha Super glue is an amazing fix for a lot of things, always best kept on hand :)

You guys are perfect for each other.

awww thank you Rayne!! (I think so too!)

You guys are like a matching set , if you two were to separate it would devastate me more then my own parents because its the fact you two have gone thru so much . I would love decades from if god willing to see you both with grey hair telling your grand kids about your crime fighting adventures and topping it with the ultimate love story that the best comedy writers couldnt write themselves . i'm in love with both of you guys and im working hard to hit Seattle to bug Phoenix on all my ideas LOL.

Thank you brother Reggie! Phoenix and I will never separate, we are connected for life so no worries there. Not to say that we will never face hard times but we have made a commitment to work through our trials and communicate, rather than run away or throw away what we have. We both know what we have is special and unique. I can not wait to tell crime fighting stories to our next generation! We welcome you to Seattle and can not wait to hear your ideas. Take care good friend!

I believe the world is a better place because of people like Phoenix & Purple. The world needs heroes.

The world does need more heroes, and thanks to everyone's support and encouragement we are seeing more rise up every day :)

I remember seeing this video on YouTube a while back. I love all the awesome work you and Phoenix Jones are doing to help others in need who really need it. Whatever you guy do I will support you two all the way. Keep spreading the good deeds you do, people like you and Jones are rare. God Bless. Love from New Zealand.

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