Speaking Out, Purple's Unveiling

Speaking Out Loud & Clear

 As an advocate for victims of domestic violence, I always speak out against abuse. Especially after finding the strength to speak out about my own personal victimization.  When I took on the persona of Purple Reign, I donned a mask at Phoenix's request. As 'crime fighters' we hide our identities and work anonymously to put criminals behind bars and protect the innocent. In October of 2011, Phoenix's identity was revealed. Since then, we have struggled to keep my identity as private as possible to remain some sense of privacy in our home life. However, in terms of symbolism, I've always wanted to unveil myself as a symbol of speaking out against crime and domestic violence in particular. I feel it is inappropriate for me to wear a veil covering my face when my whole campaign is about encouraging people to open their mouths and SPEAK OUT against abuse.

Quickie, a local Seattle band has partnered with The Purple Reign Campaign, joining in our mission against domestic violence. They are donating proceeds from their song 'Phoenix Jones' to benefit victims of domestic violence. They asked Phoenix and I to make a cameo in their music video....and now, for the first time ever I make a full face appearance finally symbolising the mission behind my campaign: SPEAK OUT!  


On May 12 at The Healing Reign Music Benefit & Auction I will make an official unveiling, as I pledge to always speak out against abuse.


Mask or no mask....you are beautiful on the inside and it kinda shines through the mask anyway :)

Thanks Deena, its very relieving not to have to sport the mask all the time now. Time to let my smile shine through :)

You are amazing!

As a DV SURVIVOR............I love it!! And why hide, coming out and speaking out makes us stronger SURVIVORS!!

Thank you Lynn! I get stronger the more I speak out :)

Well, I think that Phoenix Rocks. and this video made me laugh (in a good way.) keep up the work Phoenix and RCSM

Good! We had a lot of fun with Quickie. They are a great band passionate about using their music for good causes.

Thank you for taking a stand and showing other women and some men how to be courageous. Praying for you and countless others, Lord hear our prayers...

Thank you Tanya for the prayers!

You guys are my heroes.

I am passionate about fighting against abuse, harassment, and bullying. I have struggled to find ways to make an impact. I love this campaign and I hope that I can help. You guys are awesome.

Send me a message so we can talk. I am always happy to have extra support!

I think it's absolutely amazing what you guys are doing!!! True heroes!!!!

Thank you, so much, for all you're doing.

Dear Phoenix, what u r doing is right, there is no way , the world can repay u for what u r doing...sister...please continue

The world does not need to repay us for anything. In fact, this campaign is my way of giving back. After surviving and escaping DV I feel like I had a second chance at life, and this time around I am finding fulfillment in helping others.

Dear Phoenix, what u r doing is right, there is no way , the world can repay u for what u r doing...sister...please continue

Thanks so much for fighting for such an important mission, Purple Reign! You are not just a hero but a super hero!

You are an amazing person and it shows with or without the mask. I understand feeling a need for anonymity, much like Shakespeare. When you are doing work that is deeply aligned with ethics, there are many in the status quo who wish to quiet voices of truth. One must be careful. On the other hand, in these days of the Anon internet, credibility is often in seeing who someone is. I didn't like seeing that picture of you with your mouth covered up when speaking up against domestic violence. But a mask that allows you to speak and see can be useful. I wish you every success in your endeavor and I applaud your bravery and ethics. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I like the anonymity of doing charity work and in our crime fighting efforts but you are very correct in your statement of having credibility...especially when working with victims. At the benefit I'll be debuting an eye mask to continue with my 'superhero' approach to fighting abuse. It will be a very good feeling and relief to no longer hide behind the veil.

you two are the best caped crusaders in seattle!

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