Shero Power

Shero Power!

I was simply amazed at all of the inspiring 'Shero' nominations that came in the last few weeks. As promised, I'd like to share a little about the woman we've decided to feature, in fact I believe a movie could be made about this woman and what she has been through and done with her life - though she has requested I don't share her name or picture. She truly is an altruistic and selfless hero who wishes to remain completely anonymous.

Our shero 'Mary' (real name kept confidential) was nominated by a co-worker of hers, who noticed Mary barely accepted invitations for happy hours or other social functions. She began to talk with her more about what kept her so busy and soon found out that Mary has a complex past as well as a busy life after work hours.

Mary is a single adult woman, who has survived severe abuse and drug addiction. She now dedicates most of her time to volunteer work attempting to help those that are enduring the same struggles that she's overcame. She puts in countless hours at the homeless shelter in her city, visiting and feeding the people that she once co-habitated with when she ran away from her abusive home as a teenager.  She mentors youth who are struggling with drug addictions. Most of them come from homes or backgrounds where they were physically or sexually abused, as Mary was. She simply shares her own story in an attempt to give them hope, that there is a rewarding life off the streets - attainable for all. Mary mentioned that her furry companion "Max" kept her warm and provided her the love she needed while living on the streets. He recently passed and when visiting the shelter to find a new pet, she ended up signing up as a volunteer and now visits the animals twice a month. 

It's amazing to me how someone who has endured so much, hit rock bottom, can have such a large selfless heart - continuously giving of herself. Mary is a shero that I look up to and am so honored that she allowed me to share her story (it took some persuasion as she is so modest!)



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