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 Purple Reign wearing her PRC bracelet from Sharables

Purple Reign wearing her PRC bracelet by Sharables. 


We are having another 'Everyday Heroes' Nomination, but this time we are focusing on Shero's.  We have beautiful PRC bracelets graciously donated and custom made by Sharables to give as gifts to a few selected nominees (just in time for Mother's Day too). However, she doesn't have to be your mom, or even a mom at all, we want to hear about strong women who have inspired you.  

 Does she live selflessly, sacrificing her own wishes for those who are less fortunate? Has she compassionately helped complete strangers or is she active in improving her community?  Has she overcome adversity and now strives to protect others?  Let us know how your Shero empowers the people around her.  We will select a few nominees to highlight on our website as well sending them the PRC bracelet donated by Sharables.  
  • Send an email with subject line 'Shero Nomination' to or through the contact form
  • Include a brief story and introduction of the Shero you are nominating, sharing her heroic behavior
  • Include contact info for yourself and your Shero
  • No limit on the number of nominations you can submit
  • Deadline to enter is Monday May 6, 2013
  • Shero's will be announced Wed. May 8, 2013


Shero: Shara, founder of Sharables

                                                                  ♥ Shero Power ♥

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