Phoenix Jones T-Shirts

It's Official!

The only Phoenix Jones merchandise out on the market anywhere is brought to you exclusively by the Purple Reign Campaign. 

T-shirts raising awareness and funds for The Purple Reign Campaign ~ 'Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse' are finally available for purchase!  



All proceeds benefit NW Family Life, a local non-profit organization that has been helping victims of   domestic violence for almost 20 years. 1 out of every 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime - this could be your mom, brother, sister, cousin, close friends or other loved ones...anyone can be a victim!!  




Check out Phoenix rocking his T-shirt! 



These are the only official Phoenix Jones, leader of Rain City Superhero Movement merchandise out on the market. When you order a Phoenix Jones T-shirt you will help make a difference in the life of someone who has been abused, please follow this link!




Click on any of the images to make your purchase!Phoenix Jones T-Shirt Purple Reign Campaign Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse

If there are other Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign, or Rain City Superhero Movement items you would like to see for sale please let us know! We do not personally gain from these sales in any way, accept for the joy in our hearts when we see people making a difference in the lives of others!  Some suggested items so far have been buttons, arm bands, hats, and hoodies. Let us know your thoughts so we can continue in this fight against domestic violence!

Be sure to check out our previous blog post for pictures of the other Purple Reign Campaign t-shirts available and a link to the Phoenix Jones song download by Quickie.



I've been asking about Phoenix Jones shirts for a long time! Glad to see the proceeds going to a good cause!

I do hope to see other items for sale, as well! Id certainly be willing to pay for a Phoenix Jones tanktop and ball cap.

is phoenix jones gonna make a apperance on tuesday june 5th? im in 5th grade and my class is going to seattle for a field trip can he make a apperance at gameworks? i,ll make a later coment when i find out what time we go to gameworks

Hi Garrett! We can't make any promises but if we don't have work that day we will try our best to come by and say hi! Get back to us with a date

Phoenix is looking pretty bad ass in that t-shirt, it wont look the same on me lol but I'm still ordering! I'm going to the gym!

thanks for the responce purple reign...i think we might be going at 8 mabey im still trying when too find out P.s you two are the most best caped crusaders ever

It turns out we are going to gameworks at 8:00 pm at this date 06/05/12 sorry my email account doesn,t work

Garrett, if you can get in touch with us through the contact link on this site please send us a message with updates and details about your upcoming field trip.

Phoenix is inspirational; he really should consider expanding his organization further; take it on a national level. places like where Im from (Kansas City, Missouri) could really use men and women dedicated to making a difference.

I am so sorry about the PR obsessed rlshs who choose image over effect. Peoplellike urban,

Let everyone be happy Thank You for all the Good information.

I clicked on the link, and the shirt has "Mutual Kombat" on the back. Are there any left that say "Phoenix Jones, Rain City Superhero Movement"?

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