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 Phoenix Jones Suit Upgrade

To show my support and concern for the safety of my crime fighting partner Phoenix Jones, I am sharing the link to his PayPal fundraiser (original post here: upgrades to his new suit (and I encourage you to do the same if you support his cause). Since you are already here be sure to check out all the resources and support available for victims of domestic abuse on the Purple Reign Campaign website. If you or anyone you know is being abused please step up and report it. It can take as little as one phone call, text, email, question or face to face encounter to be someone's hero. If you'd like to make a donation to the non profit Purple Reign Campaign: Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse please visit  ~ Purple


Read below to learn about some of the suit upgrades and to find out what your incentives are for donating.

This fundraiser supports Phoenix Jones' volunteer work on the streets of Seattle. Violence is rising in Seattle and crime against innocent citizens in our city has increased dramatically.  The mission of Phoenix Jones is to both protect the citizens he witnesses being victimized and to represent the idea that each of us can and should look out for each other:  

GSN PSA 'The World Needs Winners' featuring Phoenix Jones (Above Video)


The Dangers:

Just this year alone Phoenix has protected five people from knife attacks, been witness to three events where guns were fired, over 30 bullets shot at him or in his general direction, has provided important evidence in a murder case (including the only audio of the gunshots that killed an innocent girl), and been the only thing that stood between a violent mob and the federal building they were intent on attacking. Aside from being shot at, Phoenix has been threatened with murder and stabbed. Although he is well protected with his current gear he has also become very well recognized by the criminal element and the threats he faces must be taken seriously. This fundraiser is to provide a suit upgrade designed to protect him from those threats:

While on 2011/12 New Year's Eve patrol, Phoenix Jones and team witness a gun shootout, give chase to suspect, and provide video evidence to the police. (Above Video)


The suspect in the above video has just stabbed a man and threatened to stab witnesses. Phoenix Jones intervened, chased the suspect 8 blocks until the suspect hailed a cab. While in the cab he held the driver hostage at knife point, Phoenix stayed on the scene while on the phone with police until they were able to arrive and subdue the suspect. He then led police to where the victim was and provided video evidence.  (Above Video)


The Facts:

In the first three months of 2012, homicides in Seattle increased by 267% according to SPD crime statistics. Major and violent crime are up 7% during this same period as well. (

In 2011 there were 20 homicides. As of July 3, 2012 (just over halfway through this year), Seattle saw its 22nd homicide victim.  What will the numbers look like at the end of the year unless more crime prevention patrols are implemented? (  and

In 2000 Seattle had 2.24 officers per 1000 people.  In 10 years the city's population has increased from 563,373 to 617,334 by 2010....with only 2.16 officers per 1000 people. The number of police officers per capita has decreased in a period of population growth.  "We can't sustain safe and vibrant neighborhoods with a shrinking police force relative to the overall size of the city." (

Police are asking for the community's help: "Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata told SPD he was concerned that current strategies used to curb violence are not working.  According to Special Operations Assistant Chief Paul McDonagh, officers are being concentrated in "hot spots," which have seen the most violence.  SPD said in addition to the extra officers, they will continue to urge neighbors, family members and witnesses to share what they know about violence around their communities....Police say they need to get everyone engaged in solving the problem, and they will continue outreach to communities."  ( 

The Upgrades:

This fundraiser is designed to upgrade the bulletproofing, functionality, and redesign of my current superhero suit.  Below are some of the sites that will be working on the suit:

Nightmare Armor Studios is run by Sid Gearin. He is an expert in electronics and fabrication. He has fabricated hundreds of armored suits that range from extremly expensive cosplay all the way to military grade tactical suits.  Sid belives in my mission and stance on crime and has donated his time and extensive work shop to completly redesign the Phoenix Jones suit. (His estimated time and production value to produce a suit of this quality is in the $100,000.00 range, a portion of the funds raised will be used to pay for his materials and his employees' time). 

Baker Ballistics is a company Phoenix has been working with for years.  They've has donated (at cost value) bulletproof vests for the team.  Baker ballistics is best known for the Baker Bat Sheild (which they've also donated a few to the team).  This is a ballistics sheild used by swat teams, police officers, and superheroes to shield themselves from bullets, breach houses, and protect citizens caught in cross fire.  For the suit upgrade project they have donated this exact technology to be placed within the suit allowing the same protection as the shield (this will cover 80% of the body.  The estimated value they are donating is in the $80,000.00 range and what can not be donated will be covered by the fundraiser).

Guardian Protective Devices is donating several less than lethal protective items at cost.


Additional Items to be purchased with fundraising money:

  • Bulletproof face shield
  • HD live-streaming camera
  • Electrical wires and servers 
  • All bolts and metal parts used to attach the suite  
  • Cost of Incentives


The Incentives:

Reward #1
You receive a rubber phoenix Jones bracelet. these are only available for fundraiser donors.
Est. Delivery: Sep 2012
Reward #2
You receive a rubber Phoenix Jones bracelet and a signed photo.
Est. Delivery: Sep 2012
Reward #3
You receive a rubber Phoenix Jones bracelet and a limited edition Phoenix Jones t-shirt. This particular t-shirt design will only be available for donors of this project.
Est. Delivery: Sep 2012
Reward #4
You receive a rubber band phoenix Jones bracelet, a signed photo, a limited edition Phoenix Jones shirt, and a call from Phoenix Jones
thanking you for your donation.
Est. Delivery: Sep 2012
Reward #5
You receive a Phoenix Jones rubber bracelet, a signed photo, a limited edition Phoenix Jones t-shirt, a phone call and a voice message you can use as your voice-mail. (If you have specifics you want mentioned on your voice mail you must email them to
Est. Delivery: Sep 2012
Reward #6
Limited Reward (12 of 12 remaining)
You will receive all the before mentioned incentives plus your name will be engraved in the suit forever.  You will also receive a small piece of the suit engraved with a special thank you note.
Est. Delivery: Oct 2012
Reward #7
Limited Reward (2 of 2 remaining)
You receive all before mentioned incentives but instead of a piece of the suit you receive a phoenix Jones replica helmet (fits most normal sized heads is bullet and blunt trauma resistant).  The helmet includes a special message inscribed on the back.
Est. Delivery Oct 2012
** When you make your donation you must email a copy of the receipt to: You must include your name, email, address, and the receipt to receive your incentives **
Phoenix Jones