My Valentine

My Valentine ♥ Phoenix Jones

I'll share a little secret with my dear friends here.  Before I met PJ, I was focusing on myself - healing and therapy for trauma and abuse I had experienced in my past. I was becoming stronger and had started my training to become an advocate for victims of domestic violence. I wanted to share my newly found strength with others who were still in that dark place. I was persistent about staying single and had given up hope that there were any 'nice' guys left in the world.  Valentine's Day rolled around and although I cherished my independence - I vowed to wait for my 'Batman', my favorite superhero at the time. No more villains.
A short time later, a friend asked me to volunteer as a 'date' at a charity auction. I was extremely nervous but said yes as it was for a cause dear to my heart. I invited friends to come as my back up team to rescue me from any bidding creepers! However, that was not necessary. A young athletic black man, with the freshest flat top I had ever seen got into a bidding war over me. He won the date by offering the highest bid of the night (later I found out it was close to an entire paycheck for him)! He was respectful, spoke eloquently, and took me by surprise with his charismatic demeanor. 
I didn't know who he was at the time but it wasn't long until secrets were spilled and I realized I had found my 'Batman'. Someone who loves and protects me, keeping me safe from the dangers in the world - all while encouraging me in my independence and empowering me in my quest for strength. I learned to never give up hope on whatever it is you desire in your life - even if it's your own 'Batman'. 
Healthy relationships are possible! They take some work of course, but its OK to set the bar high and wait for 'Mr. Right'.  I kicked my villain to the curb, learned to love and value myself, and set standards for who was allowed in my life.
Phoenix, thank you for loving me unconditionally, keeping me safe, and restoring my faith in a world I nearly gave up on. You are now my favorite superhero, of course ;)


Phoenix Jones Purple Reign Vortex Magazine


Just had to comment here too. Purple, you are my favorite superhero! I hope your message rings loud and clear in the ears of MILLIONS!

Thanks Karla, love you friend!

You guys are both inspirational to me, and many other people. It is very reassuring to know that there is that someone out there for everyone. Congratulations guys!

both of you are my Favorite super heroes i moved to Seattle two years ago and have never seen this before with allot of media coverage on both of you i want to thank you all you two do and am thankful there isa girl to look up to and be inspired by Happy Valentines day from Lexi Doebke, Kent,WA 98031 you can write me any time at LexiDoebke@Gmail.Com and hope to become friends on facebook and twitter my facebook link is

awwww you are gonna make me cry. YOu two have officially become my favorite superhero couple, well actually the only superhero couple I know of. But eitherway, you are an inspiation and great example to young people and what a relationship should be like.

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