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Emergency Action Team Event: Poster the City, Stop a Sexual Predator

February 16, 2013North Seattle Sexual Predator Suspect Sketch
Saturday 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm
Greenlake clearing across from Starbucks (7100 East Green Lake Dr N Seattle, WA 98115 Look for Purple & Gold balloons)


As many of you are aware, there have been four recent attacks on women in North Seattle. Police are unsure if they are related or not, but three of the victim's descriptions of the suspects are similar. We have been putting up Warning Fliers which include a police sketch of one of the descriptions, a map where each of the attacks occurred, AND safety tips given by the Seattle Police Department. 

The Rain City Superhero Movement has put up/passed out roughly a 1000 fliers and we would like to get a few more thousand out there this weekend. Come meet us at Greenlake this Saturday at 1pm. We will be in the clearing across from Starbucks. Look for purple and gold balloons. Bring tape or a staple gun, warm clothes, and energy to poster the city! We'll have fliers for you to take and put up in your own neighborhood and to give to family and friends. 

We can keep our loved ones safer by making them aware of the attacks and offering safety tips. And most importantly, hopefully someone will recognize the sketch and notify the police. The Purple Reign Campaign, The Action Team, & The Rain City Superhero Movement are taking a stand against sexual predators, help us send a message that our entire city is on the lookout.

**If you do happen to see someone you suspect matches the description, call 911 and DO NOT intervene yourself. As much as we despise sexual predators, we will never act outside the law in our pursuit against them. We are not vigilantes, we choose to work with the police and within the confines of the law during all of our patrols and outreach events.

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Did this guy ever get caught?

Not that I am aware of. I've been keeping my eye on the news and police blotter for any new attacks. There have been a few in other areas of Seattle but I haven't heard anything that sounds related to these cases. I hope all the attention brought about scared these guys away!

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