What is a Real Life Superhero?

What it means to be a Rain City Superhero

Are you new to the Purple Reign Campaign page or to the RCSM/RLSH movement? Still trying to figure out what exactly, a 'Rain City Superhero' or a 'Real Life Superhero' is?  I can't answer for everyone, but this is what it means to me:
I chose the symbol of a superhero because it stands for justice, courage, and service.  Plus it gives hope, renewing the dream inside us that not all people are bad.  Yes, there are people in this world who have the power, ability, AND the desire to help others! This is what it means to be a superhero in the real world.
Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign
I use a costume to raise awareness and bring attention to my mission: stopping domestic violence, abuse, bullying, and street crime. I'll tell you a secret....it works! I advocated for victims, spoke out against abuse and bullying, and stood up to crime before the 'Purple Reign' persona was born. But I didn't have the opportunity or the reach to help or inspire as many people as we do now - all thanks to the awareness the costumes have raised. Plus its fun to dress up! Who says service and volunteer work can't be fun and adventurous?!
Personally, I prefer the term 'Everyday Hero' as opposed to Superhero.  It's more humbling and represents the average citizen raising up to fight injustice.  Most people have it within themselves to be someone's hero.  
In addition to my own mission against abuse and crime, I hope to inspire people across the world to become active and campaign for a cause close to their own heart, with or without the costume of course. Each person's unique abilities and talents give them their 'Superpower.'  Some use these gifts selfishly, commit crime or hurt others, or sadly leave them to waste.  For some, their strength is simply in their passion for their cause. 
Members of the Rain City Superhero Movement have recognized the power within themselves to do good for others and stand as a public symbol, vowing to never be that person who stands by while bad things happen to innocent people.  To me, this is what makes someone a superhero. 
If you want to get involved with the Purple Reign Campaign or the Rain City Superhero Movement, please get in touch!! I'd love to hear from you.  What is your 'Superpower' and what 'Cause' stirs up emotion inside your heart?? ♥


I never thought I'd live in a world where superheroes are real. This means more to me than my comic book heroes. It truely is inspiring to see heroes raising up across the world to fight injustice and stand up for the little guys.

How can I become a real life superhero?

You are part of the reason I started rlsh here. I love what you do. Thank you.

That's awesome Echo! It makes me happy to see strong rlsh like yourself rising up. Thank you for getting involved!

We should stand for something or fall for anything. People need to learn to speak up, we think its not our business,,,,But it is, and its our civic duty.

I couldn't agree more!

Very well said purple I think you captured the idea beautifully of why you and others do this.

You, Purple Reign and Phoenix Jones, are my inspiration. you have truly shown that those with the will, and the morals can stand up and fight for whats right. I look up to you, and hope someday we can work together.

Thank you Guard, what area are you in?

When the RLSH community grows, and newcomers need guidance, I can think of no one better to guide them than you Purple. You know I've followed the community for some time, so I know for a fact that no one in the community can match your wisdom, patience, intelligence and kindness.

Thank you for the sincere and sweet compliment. I do my best to show compassion towards everyone, especially in this community to set an example for the newcomers. It's actually been quite inspiring lately seeing much of the bickering dwindling down and more heroes working together :)

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