Women's Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence

Percentage of Women Who Believe its OK for Husband's to Hit Them


Unicef released the image below showing the percentages of international women who believe it is OK for their husbands to hit them. The chart ranges from as low as 6.2% in Serbia to as high as 90% in Jordan. These numbers are shocking. To read more indepth statistics about women who believe abuse is ok under certain circumstances, visit childinfo.org.

President Obama has just signed the Violence Against Women Act into law here in the United States, however, our mission is far from over. The world needs more heroes to stand up and speak out against abuse. Let this image of shattered glass and broken hope be your call to action. To join our campaign against domestic violence, contact us here.


Women's Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence - Purple Reign Campaign


Scary and sad :( I can't believe Jordan has a 90% rate! Somthing needs to be done.

Tears are in my eyes and I am unable to explain what I think and feel for this women and children, MY HEART REACHES OUT TO THEM.

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