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Shara, founder of Sharables

I am always eager to introduce our readers to artists who support my cause: Helping victims of domestic violence, raising awareness and education so we can put an end to DV, and rallying community heroes to speak out against abuse and bullying.  This month, I want to introduce you to Sharables by Shara.  A small jewelry company based out of Arizona, run by a young mother who is also passionate about putting an end to domestic violence.

Purple Reign modeling the special edition PRC bracelet by Sharables

Shara contacted me and wanted to help our campaign by donating all the proceeds of her special edition 'Purple Reign' bracelet.  The proceeds will go directly to victims in need of basic living supplies during their transition of escaping abusive homes and getting on their own feet. If you are in need of Christmas gifts for any of the women in your life, then I highly recommend checking out Shara's lovely jewelry which will also help someone survive domestic abuse.  The jewelry can be custom ordered and is priced very affordably. Shara recommends using it to decorate as household accessories in addition to wearing them as jewelry. I asked Shara to share a little about why she wanted to help and also about her background as an artist and mother.

-What inspired or motivated you to contribute towards this particular cause and raise awareness about domestic violence and abuse?

Purple Reign special edition bracelet by Sharables

I have seen the affects and damage that domestic violence and abuse can cause a person. There are so many different ways to help these victims. The Purple Reign Campaign stands out in my eyes because they go above and beyond basic fundraising. This campaign goes out on the streets and to events - to the people, face to face - to raise awareness that is needed in order to help these victims. You just can't ignore a Super Hero with a cause if you tried! They inspire me to use my art to help support the victims and to raise awareness.

-If you could share one message with your customers about domestic violence, what would that be?

The Galaxy Bracelet by Sharables

Domestic violence can happen to anyone and in many different forms. Just because you cannot always see the bruises, does not mean that a person isn't experiencing domestic violence. Please do not be afraid to ask someone if they need help if you suspect they might be a victim. It might just save their life. Be bold, take a stand and pay attention to your loved ones.

-What is your jewelry making/art background and experience? What are your future goals in these areas?

Piano Stripes bracelet by Sharables

Art has been my passion as long as I can remember. Drawing, painting, crafts, sewing, jewelry making, anything I can create using my hands is just my thing! I started making jewelry many years ago to give to others and have never stopped since. Just in the past year I have taken the steps to start selling my jewelry, it has been such a learning experience that I have grown from. I have also found that I can also help others through my business. In the future I hope to continue to take part in the PRC and other organizations that can change people's lives for the better.

-As a mom, how do you involve your children in your art, business, and causes that are important to you?

Teal Orbit Bracelet by Sharables

I am a mother of an eight year old boy and 4 year old girl, they are my life. Teaching my children the importance of art in their lives has been such a blessing. Leading by example, I strive to show them the importance of giving and helpful others by using the talents you have. I make jewelry because I love creating something that is going to bring pleasure to somebody else, it makes me happy to make others happy!

Please check her out her other beautiful bracelets and necklaces on her website. Consider making a purchase to support an artist, mother, small business, and victims of domestic violence.

Sharables on Facebook

Sharables on Etsy


Purple, I love how you constantly inspire us to use our own talents and abilities to get involved in causes that are important to us. Beautiful jewelry and inspiring artist as well!

It's my pleasure to introduce these artists to our readers! They all inspire me :)

Purple what would be a good sissy charm bracelet to show off my pride and to show that i am one of your daughters? Will love to show my pride in knowing you

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