Introduction to Purple, Phoenix's Partner in Crime Fighting and Life

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign

You could say I am Phoenix’s #1 fan, biggest supporter, and source of encouragement to him and The Rain City Superhero Movement.  I’ve worked behind the scenes until the beginning of 2011 when I felt my call to action. I finally had the strength to take on a public role by adopting the persona of Purple Reign.

My goal is to inspire others that they too can be a 'crime fighter’ or ‘superhero' on or off the streets. No one should stand around and let crime happen, there are ways for people of all levels and skill to get involved, prevent, and report crime. Phoenix focuses on fighting violent crime in the streets, I fight against abusive crimes that take place at home and in schools, in addition to street crime.

In my past, I myself was a victim of domestic violence. Afraid for my life, I was unable to comprehend reporting these violent acts and did not go to the police. Over time this put others as well as myself in life-threatening danger and further perpetuated the cycle of abuse. After nearly losing my life, I finally took a stand and did what was right. In doing so I took the power away from my abuser. Never again will I stand by and be a victim or allow others to be victims of any crime or abuse.   

Phoenix has said, "If everyone were to report crime, there would be no crime."

Why do I wear purple and call myself Purple Reign?  

"As a survivor of abuse, I wear the color purple to symbolize my determination to speak up for Domestic Violence victims. I use my 'superhero persona' to raise awareness about this cause. It is my dream to inspire victims and to give them the resources and strength to transform into survivors as a hero once did for me."

I now reign as the ruler in my life, not allowing anyone to hold abusive authority over me ever again. As a result of my past experiences, I help organize fundraising and charity events and speak publicly about abuse and bullying. I do not tolerate bullies or people that commit hate crimes. It has become my personal mission and goal to protect other woman, children, and even men; giving them the strength and a voice to stand against abuse - whether it be physical, sexual, emotional, racial, discriminatory, sexist, or financial.As a costumed activist (‘superhero’) I also participate in active crime prevention by joining Phoenix and the RCSM on their nightly patrols. My background consists of martial arts training as well as a professional career in fitness and strength training.

Purple Reign on patrol Seattle, WA Rain City Superhero SheroAs a woman and mother I feel my personal strengths are unique and centered around compassion, love, and intellect - rather than combating violence with violence.My team has adopted me as the  'real life Oracle’.  As a part of this role, I do extensive research on crime trends, police reports, and incident responses. Based on the information I obtain, we plan out our patrols. Included in my role I also research the gear and protective wear we use, help to design and mend the ‘super suits’ plus taking care of any technical needs (like GPS tracking during patrols for example). 911 is on speed dial and used when necessary whether I am in the suit or not, in fact I see and report more crime in my everyday clothes than in my 'super suit'. Reporting and stopping crime is what this effort is all about. 

Phoenix has a dream and is living it by using his special strengths and talents to prevent crime and protect the citizens of our city. I have the utmost respect for him and will do everything in my power to support our mutual goal and efforts. I am lucky to not only have found my partner in life, but my ‘partner in crime fighting’ as well.


Inspirational. Keep up the good fight, both of you!

The Purple Reign persona is such an innovative and creative idea to get the community involved in ending violence, abuse, and bullying. Wishing you success beyond your dreams!

<p>A big part of my effort is in raising awareness and inspiring others to get involved. Surprisingly, having a 'superhero' persona and costume brings in many people that wouldn't normally pay attention to issues as sensitive and personal as DV. Thank you for your support!</p>

I'm so glad to be here. I have a wonderful feeling of being safe. Thank you both for your incredible power and passion and for all the LOVE and overstanding... I believe.. this mission is possible!

by the support of people like you Mary Cole. Thank you for believing in me and my mission ♥

How can we bring your message to other cities like chicago and New York?

My message is the same no matter what part of the world you live in. The information presented here is designed to help people regardless of gender, region, race, religion, economic status, and so on. Become familiar with the "Warning Signs of Domestic Violence" and if you suspect someone needs help, get them the "Resources for victims of domestic violence" and help them transition into a safe environment.

You two are awesome. You are a real-life Q and a super hero rolled into one.

Purple you are an amazing SHERO! You and Phoenix together are unstoppable.

Damn woman you are superhero and a half! You have inspired me to join your cause and come up with a superhero persona of my own. Imagine a world where everyone cared for others the way you and your team do? And imagine if those people all used their unique skills to benefit others the way you do. ... I am inspired after hearing your story and of the work you commit to.

You are making me blush! and speaking my language, I picture a world like that all the time and think it is possible to achieve!

I just read a newspaper article in one of our local paper's up here in London Ont Canada. I just wanted say don't stop doing what you are doing.If we hade more people like you to stand up to these people who think it is ok to beat up on women or even put them down or treat them like a second rate race.I hope that one day these people will wake up. All the best Kevin

Wow, glad to have your support all the way from Canada! Thank you for standing up for the abused.

I have been trying to figure out the best way to combat abuse and bullying for a long time. I am glad to find this site. I hope that I can help your cause.

Awesome Job!! I am a Martial Arts Instructor and far too many times over the years I have heard heart breaking story after heart breaking story, unfortunately the ones still around to tell their story are the lucky ones. not to mention the effects that domestic abuse causing to the children forced to witness it. Keep up the good work.

Everything you stand for is everything that is right. I was a child of abuse as well as a child watching it. As i grew up, the only thing that ever helped me make it through the day was the aspirations of becoming Superman to save the world. Now i can. I have done so on a few occasions but a persona is required and so here i begin. I will forever admire what you, Phoenix and many others have done. I have so far rid of most of what is fear, then i will step out into the darkness and shed some light. It is likely that i could die, but at least we can make the world realise. Keep up the amazing work.

You and Phoenix and the other costumed activists are very inspiring. Keep up the good work! And be safe! Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, Ryuei

I like the way you and Pheonix think. My wife is a social worker with a background in abused women and children and we always talk about this kind of stuff. Minding your own business doesn't always help.

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