The World Needs Heroes

Edmund Burke once said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

In today's society it seems like a lot of good men have given up and locked their doors to the outside world and are now living in fear of what lies beyond. Crime figures are soaring and criminals get poultry sentences and are soon free to re offend. The world has become a very bleak place to live in and never before has the average citizen felt so weak and helpless.

However, times are changing. There are those of us that have answered an unknown call, donned costumes and stepped forward with one voice saying "No!. Enough!. People need not live in fear of enjoying their lives. I'm going to do something about it!" Now you may think that I am just talking about Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign and the rest of the RCSM, and to an extent I am, but I am also talking about people who don a costume to help out with charities, soup kitchens and community events. These people don't fight crime head on like other heroes do but are no less heroes themselves. They give up their own free time to try and make a difference in their local community and to show people that things don't have to always be doom and gloom. They want to show people that with just one or two acts of random kindness, you can make a real difference to things. You can raise peoples spirits, provide the help that people so desperately need and ease the burden on already over stretched social services.

Of course, wearing a costume is totally voluntary. The vast majority of people dress normally and are no less heroic for their efforts. The list of things that people can do to help is just endless. Become a telephone operator for the Samaritans, volunteer for community service and remove graffiti and litter or hand food and blankets out to the homeless. Basically, any good deed you can think of that involves selflessly helping others less fortunate than yourself will make you a hero in somebodies eyes.

I myself have suffered with manic depression and anxiety since my mid twenties (I am now 33) and have been a victim of violent crime. As such I try to offer my services and writing skills to promote the awareness of mental health issues and to support victims of crime in my neighbourhood. Back when I didn't have metal pins in my legs I was quite the rising Athletics star in the UK. To give back to my community some of the opportunities I had been given, I used to help coach physically and mentally handicapped children in different sporting events on the weekends. You don't have to be out there every night like our beloved costumed heroes, just give a little of your time when you can spare it. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes to others.

So what of our costumed crime fighters? Well unlike a lot of people claim they are NOT vigilantes!

They operate within the law. Often to the point of risking personal injury to protect others from getting hurt. These are people who are often victims of crime themselves and have decided that instead of giving up and hiding indoors, they are going to go out and hit crime head on. They do not wear costumes because they think they have superpowers either. The costumes are symbols. They wear them so that they are easily identified by the public and possible criminals. Sometimes just seeing a couple of people walking down the street in costumes is enough to move criminals on and keep the peace.

Do they make a difference? Yes they do. So far there have been over 250 costumed arrests and with more people joining the cause every day that number is sure to rise. Just ask the people who were saved from being mugged, beaten up or from having their car stolen if these guys make a difference. The answer will certainly always be a resounding yes.

On closing I would like to appeal to you to help others one more time. If you already do, then do more, you can seriously never do enough. If you don't, then get out there and see what needs doing in your community. There are always people who need help. You just have to choose to give it. Besides, helping people is unbelievably good for the soul and you wouldn't believe how good it makes you feel.

Chris Ulfric Hall

Stay safe,




Chris Hall is a writer for the ever growing facebook community Nerdtopia and Podcast/Blogspot website Nerdtopiacast. If you would like to read more of his work then visit: (New Site)  

Or if you would like to contact him personally, he can be reached using:

 Note from Purple: Chris is one of our friends from the Nerdtopia community whom we have connected with over time. The Nerdtopians have shown us overwhelming support and encouragement. They've asked how they can help and get more involved. I always encourage people to use their individual talents.  I'm always impressed with Chris's writing and he was kind enough to contribute to our blog, encouraging others to also take a heroic stand, costumes not required of course.  If you would like to join us in our efforts towards stopping domestic violence, bullying, and street crime please message me on our contact form.    


Thanks for the kind words Purple. Glad I could help :)

This is a profound well written article by a man who truly understand the Living Action Super Heroes that are Purple Reign and Phoenix Jones .

Clear words! Not many people know and overstand what masked heroes like PurpleReign and PhoenixJones are REALLY doing out there on the streets, why they risk their own lives to help the innocent and make that difference!! There's a reason to everything! We only have the POWER to change ourselves and by making this change, we shall change the world. Thank you, Chris for your contribution...

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like the story of what has happened with Lance Armstrong its hard to think that the men and wemon who guide us as heros in todays seemingly impossible world can just deminoush from the role they have played and how much they have meant to so many its rough and seems to add to the distruction of modern day heros its more sad then an exciting news story i just hope the life way we all choose to be driven and what we strive for is still greatness despite these cold realitise that arise Peace Love and God Bless!

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