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The Fence

The Fence

I ran across this wonderful example of how verbal abuse leaves scars which often times leave deeper scars than physical abuse:

The Fence - Verbal Abuse - The Purple Reign Campaign

Shero Power

Shero Power!

I was simply amazed at all of the inspiring 'Shero' nominations that came in the last few weeks. As promised, I'd like to share a little about the woman we've decided to feature, in fact I believe a movie could be made about this woman and what she has been through and done with her life - though she has requested I don't share her name or picture. She truly is an altruistic and selfless hero who wishes to remain completely anonymous.

Shero Nominations

Shero Power!!

 Purple Reign wearing her PRC bracelet from Sharables

Purple Reign wearing her PRC bracelet by Sharables. 


What is a Real Life Superhero?

What it means to be a Rain City Superhero

Are you new to the Purple Reign Campaign page or to the RCSM/RLSH movement? Still trying to figure out what exactly, a 'Rain City Superhero' or a 'Real Life Superhero' is?  I can't answer for everyone, but this is what it means to me:

Women's Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence

Percentage of Women Who Believe its OK for Husband's to Hit Them


Unicef released the image below showing the percentages of international women who believe it is OK for their husbands to hit them. The chart ranges from as low as 6.2% in Serbia to as high as 90% in Jordan. These numbers are shocking. To read more indepth statistics about women who believe abuse is ok under certain circumstances, visit childinfo.org.


Factsheet: The Violence Against Women Act

(as presented by whitehouse.gov)

Poster the City

Emergency Action Team Event: Poster the City, Stop a Sexual Predator

February 16, 2013North Seattle Sexual Predator Suspect Sketch
Saturday 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm

My Valentine

My Valentine ♥ Phoenix Jones


Voices of Heroes

People around the world must hear your voice!


Be Your Own Hero - The Purple Reign Campaign


Sharables by Shara

Shara, founder of Sharables


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