You Are Stronger than Your Abuser

My friend Nathan is very passionate about how a man should treat a woman. He is very firm in his stance and his description of a 'real relationship'. With this being Valentine's Day, I would encourage every man AND woman that read his note to think about the characteristics of a healthy relationship. Nathan witnessed abuse as a child. Boys who witness abuse as a child are twice as likely to abuse their wife and children when the become an adult. However, Nathan has grown in a positive direction despite the odds and has taken a public pledge against abuse:

Domestic Violence: Anyone Can Be A Victim

It is very important in my campaign against domestic abuse that I share the view points of men and reach out to men, whether they have been the victim or abuser.

A Message From Misery White

A big part of my campaign is sharing personal stories for the readers to relate to, gain strength from, or be inspired by. The following article is written by my friend Misery White, another 'costumed activist' or 'real life superhero' (RLSH) as some prefer to be called.  She also raises awareness about causes she is passionate about in her own community by donning a costume.

The Official Launch...

As the official launch gets underway for 'The Purple Reign Campaign ~ Everday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse' I have a few things I want to share.  First of all, a big thanks to my partner in crime fighting and life: Phoenix Jones, my personal hero. After I took back control of my own life and escaped an abuser from my past, Phoenix came into my life as my knight in shining armor...

Introduction to Purple, Phoenix's Partner in Crime Fighting and Life

You could say I am Phoenix’s #1 fan, biggest supporter, and source of encouragement to him and The Rain City Superhero Movement. I’ve worked behind the scenes until last year when I felt my call to action. I finally had the strength to take on a public role adopting the persona of Purple Reign...


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