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The World Needs Heroes

Edmund Burke once said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

In today's society it seems like a lot of good men have given up and locked their doors to the outside world and are now living in fear of what lies beyond. Crime figures are soaring and criminals get poultry sentences and are soon free to re offend. The world has become a very bleak place to live in and never before has the average citizen felt so weak and helpless.

Why I Will Not Remain Silent

The following is written by Donna, a guest blogger from Elf Lady's Chronicles.  She is an engineer by day, super mom by night, and a survivor of domestic violence.  She continuously shares stories of healing, hope, and is now also focusing on raising awareness about domestic violence. I am honored to share her words and hope that you find as much inspiration in them as as I have. ~ Purple

The Big Day

Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign present: The Healing Reign Music Benefit & Auction, with bands Quickie & Ghost Town Riot, & video message from Rainn Wilson


Everyday Heroes Finalists

It is with great pleasure I announce the finalists of the Everyday Heroes nominations. Many of the stories brought me tears, inspiration, and hope. In no particular order, as each person presented here is a valuable asset, leader, and HERO:

Speaking Out, Purple's Unveiling

Speaking Out Loud & Clear

Heroes of Domestic Violence Victims

Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse 


The last few months have been quite hectic as I've jumped head first into this campaign against domestic violence. I've been very focused on raising awareness about the severity of this silent crime in addition to raising funds for victims.  Not a day goes by where someone doesn't reach out to me, posting a tragic story on my wall or sending me a personal message sharing their own battle.  I always feel their pain and offer personal insight from my own experience along with various resources.

Everyday Hero Nominations

In This World, There are Heroes Among Us, and They Give Me Hope

Healing Reign Music Benefit & Auction


   Seattle's superheroes Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign take crime fighting to a whole new level on May 12, 2012 in partnership with Rainn Wilson and Seattle bands Quickie and Ghost Town Riot. 



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