The Official Launch...

As the official launch gets underway for 'The Purple Reign Campaign ~ Everday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse' I have a few things I want to share.  First of all, a big thanks to my partner in crime fighting and life: Phoenix Jones, my personal hero. After I took back control of my own life and escaped an abuser from my past, Phoenix came into my life as my knight in shining armor... rubber, cowel, and bulletproofing to be more exact ;) I continued to gain strength as he ultimately inspired me to take up the superhero persona of Purple Reign, giving back the strength that was given to me during my healing process.  

Our website is still under maintenace as we have a lot of content to post. We have a unique stratedgy designed to grab the attention of those who usually don't pay attention to campaigns about domestic violence. People are afraid to talk about this 'silent crime' but 3 out of 4 people know someone who is being abused!  It's time to get involved and try something different, current awareness campaigns are not effective enough! 

Throughout the duration of this campaign I'll also share pieces of my personal survival story in addition to others who have taken back the reins from their abusers.  

As I continue to post and update articles about domestic abuse, please stay tuned for the next set of upcoming articles:

  • Implementing A Safety Plan
  • The Abuser
  • The Healthy Family
  • Men as Victims
  • When Children are Involved
  • Polls
  • Fact or Myth
  • The debut of The R.E.I.G.N. Crusaders - Reuniting Everyone In Global Neutrality
  • and more...

Visit our site daily to learn more about domestic abuse, how it affects society as a whole and the ways you can help to put an end to this vicious cycle.

"As a survivor of abuse, I wear the color purple to symbolize my determination to speak up for Domestic Violence victims. I use my 'superhero persona' to raise awareness about this cause. It is my dream to inspire victims and to give them the resources and strength to transform into survivors as a hero once did for me. " ~Purple Reign



I am grateful for your efforts and congratulate you on this wonderful project! It will be my honor to pass word about this cause along.

I appreciate your support and effort to help raise awareness about our campaign against domestic violence.

i was there and know i am free, i feel scared some times but i am free and in a true loving place, i than Allah that i have been able to get free! if you would like me to help in telling what it was like and how i became free let me know

Please feel free to send me an email at and tell me about your story. We are sharing some personal survivor stories throughout the duration of the campaign on this blog to help inspire other people. I'd love to hear your story and how you became free.

I appreciate this type of awareness, because I was a victim of Domestic Violence for 13 years, But when he put me in the hospital and almost took my life, I decided to take my life back and become a survivor for my children. And to show them that this is not the proper behavior for anyone to be going through. If I can volunteer my services for this worthy cause just let me know. I am more then willing to help just one woman break the cycle of being a victim or even a static of this senseless crime. You can reach me at

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