12 Keys to a Healthy Relationship

What Does a Healthy Relationship Look like?

There are many aspects that make up the components of a healthy relationship. Obviously, the absence of abusive behavior is a good start. Key positive traits include:

  • Communication, feedback, and listening skills 

  • Trust, honesty, and loyalty in both giving and receiving among each other. 

  • Contentment with being your self

  • Respect for each individual as well as each other’s belongings

  • A sense of safety and comfort

  • Affirmation and support, it is important to lift each other up!

  • Compassion and genuine concern for each other’s feelings and well being

  • Humor and the ability to have fun!

  • Shared Values

  • Responsibility for actions and willingness to take constructive criticism 

  • Apologetic when mistakes are made, can show remorse and be held accountable for actions

  • Compromise and good effort to resolve differences fairly

If you do not feel these traits are present in your relationship, you should re-evaluate your current situation. Can you identify more with the abusive characteristics of a relationship? You deserve to be happy, and treated with love and respect.