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Join Purple Reign and her crime fighting partner Phoenix Jones as they take a stand against Domestic Violence, Crime, Abuse, and Bullying.

The Purple Reign Campaign provides resources, educates, raises awareness, and fundraises through various creative efforts for victims and organizations such as Penny's Place and NW Family Life (a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, incorporated and registered as a charitable organization in the State of Washington). These places receive no state or federal funding so it is imperative that we step in to help fund them in their efforts to end domestic violence.

Be the hero these victims need by becoming active in this ongoing campaign against domestic violence. Together we will be able to provide self-empowerment to those who have experienced abuse and see them begin their own transformation from victim to survivor.

Ways YOU can help:

  • All donations are used to support victims of domestic violence. We also support NW Family Life and Penny's Place.

  •  Volunteer: Contact us through our email or through our contact form. We are always looking for extra help to join us in our efforts to stop crime, abuse, and bullying.  People of all backgrounds and skillsets are welcome.

  • Guest Speaking: Talk to your school officials about having Phoenix and Purple as guests.  Reaching our children at a young age is instrumental in stopping violent crimes, abuse, and bullying.

  • Pledge to speak out against domestic abuse and always respect your loved ones. Make a public display of this pledge with a Purple Reign PicBadge on your Facebook or Twitter profile picture. 

  • Educate yourself & others about domestic abuse and learn the warning signs.  Give these domestic violence resources to those who need them.

  • If you are a business, contact us about accepting donations and displaying campaign materials in your place of business: or use the contact form.

    Phoenix Jones T-Shirt Purple Reign Campaign

  • Raise awareness: 

    • Purchase and wear a campaign a Purple Reign or Phoenix Jones T-shirt. All proceeds benefit victims of domestic violence (Phoenix Jones shirt proceeds will be donated through the end of May 2012, all other shirt proceeds go directly to helping victims). 

      **UPDATE** Our T-shirts are offline right now (as of 2013) but you can purchase a Purple Reign Campaign bracelet, handmade by Sharables. They have agreed to donate the proceeds to help victims of abuse!

      Purple Reign special edition bracelet by Sharables 

    • ART: Submit a comic panel encouraging 'Everyday Heroes Against Abuse' in Phoenix Jones' Comic Contest UPDATE: Contest has ended but the winner has been announced, please follow the link to see the winning entry. If you have art that raises awareness about domestic violence, please SHARE it with us! Luke Molver Everyday Heroes Against Domestic Abuse Contest

  • Rock out! Download the Phoenix Jones song by Quickie! This download was created to support The Purple Reign Campaign and raise awareness about domestic violence. Quickie will be donating a portion of every Phoenix Jones download to the campaign


Phoenix Jones song by Quickie for the Purple Reign Campaign


  • Participate: Attend future events. In the past we held the The Healing Reign Music Benefit & Auction on May 12th at Nectar Lounge in Fremont and raised over $2000.00 from the auction items alone! All funds were raised for NW Family Life at this event. 

    The Healing Reign Music Benefit presented by Phoenix Jones & Purple Reign